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Submitted by Sandmano 996d ago | article

Shane Black Defends Iron Man 3′s Controversial Mandarin

In March, Iron Man 3 writer-director Shane Black raised alarm among Marvel Comics fans when he said that his interpretation of the Mandarin wouldn’t have magic rings, and would instead be closer in spirit to the Joker in The Dark Knight Rises and Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. (Cinema, Iron Man 3, Shane Black)

Sandmano  +   997d ago
It did work!! The movie clicking in on 1 billion worldwide.
Blacktric  +   996d ago
"It did work!!"

What is false advertisement?
Sandmano  +   996d ago
If it wasn't officially advertised it doesn't count, promises isn't advertising
NewMonday  +   995d ago
that is how he was presented before the plot twist. I think it was brilliant.

the original Mandarin character was based on racist stereotypes that wer OK in the 60's, that why they had to change him.
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KingPin  +   995d ago
"....1 billion worldwide"
how many of those would want their money back after this POS movie. i know i would and im not alone.

If ever a movie maker comes out to defend his work, its a sign of him knowing he F%^ked up and is trying to save face.
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Why o why  +   995d ago
I preferred star trek. This and last batman were disappointments for me. I'm hoping man of steel is better than all of these films. We can only hope.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   997d ago
He cant defend it. How you want to promote the movie in china but have Mandarin white and dumb. Mandarin one of Marvels smartest villains. Hell mandarin is even the name of a one set of chinese language.
Sandmano  +   996d ago
I'm afraid theyl make shredder in Tmnt not japanese ill be pissed then.
wishingW3L  +   996d ago
never thought about that since he always has a mask on but it'd be cool if it's an actual Japanese and not a white man that went through some ninja training in Japan or something.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   996d ago
Your right they will ruin TMNT live action. Probably be a straight up comedy. Since they know they wont ever be able to touch the 1st one. They probably wont get a Japanese but some random asian actor to play Japanese. lol
hazelamy  +   995d ago
well, they've changed almost everything else in the new TMNT movie, so, best prepare to be disappointed.
Baka-akaB  +   995d ago
He is not one of the smartest villain in the Marvel universe .

Bare a few david michelinie's and bob harras classic stories he was quite lame , till circa 00s with the whole extremis new storylines .

He was a lame amagalgation of Fu Manchu and chinese phantasmagoria , bordeline racist even . He was some clown and greedy peasant that landed by luck upon magical/extra terrestrial rings according to many versions of the tale (he mostly lie about it anyway) with delusion of grandeur , turned tyrant.

he is one of the biggest if not the biggest iron man villains , because sadly iron man was always lacking in that department , as it worst ennemy was always himself , his own hubris and booze (himself again) o trying to remain relevant tech wise . His best foes were otherwise in avengers related stories .

Only recent stories truly tried to redeem him and make him smart and efficient
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   995d ago

Seems like official marvel sites says he was smart. I'm taking official over what your saying.
Baka-akaB  +   995d ago
Still not one of the smartest . Especially when many of that history happened fairly recently compared to the length of his existence .

He had to be redeemed at least twice in the past 2 decades by renowned writers and artist to transcend his original parodic lameness

I'm taking my scanned and physical exhaustive collection over retroactive continuity BSing from , but hey that's me .
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NewMonday  +   995d ago

in comics "retconnes" happen very often, Lex Luthor was originally a pure mad scientist before being turned into a power hungry businessman, and last time I checked he is a mix of the 2. Jocker was originally just a clown before turning into a nihilistic psychopath.
Root  +   996d ago
Course he's going to defend it, he dosen't want his film to be known as the crappy one to comic book fans

I hate it when arseholes at Hollywood stray away from the source material.

The main problem is that fans have been waiting for them to do the Mandarin for years since the first Iron Man came out, then when we finally get him in a film he becomes a joke. I mean I could handle him not being Asian after a while of thinking it through but <Spoiler> this whole Trevor crap...I mean what the hell.

It's like Shane Black and even Drew Pearce who co wrote it spat on Iron Man fans faces.
ironfist92  +   996d ago
Tbh, The "Mandarin" is already a joke of a villain, so I guess what he did was make it fit with the ridiculousness.

Kinda annoyed that Guy Pearce claimed to be the real Mandarin though.

Wouldve liked to see in Iron Man 4 or Avengers 2, the birth of the real Mandarin, perhaps influenced by the on screen Terrorist, except this time for real.
Bobertt  +   996d ago
I liked it, sure it wasn't the same Mandarin as in the comics but Ben Kingsley played it well when Tony Stark confronted him and i thought it was one of the funniest parts of the movie. Plus I thought Killian was a cool villain. There were some plot holes but most movies have those these days so i just overlook them. I thought the ending was awesome with all the suits. Its my favorite Iron Man so far.
Hergula  +   996d ago
I personally was disappointed as well about who The Mandarin turned out to be... yet after watching it a second time, I was able to enjoy it much more, as long as I ignored everything I knew about the Iron Man franchise (comics).
coolbeans  +   996d ago
Now to defend your annoying fetish of different Iron Man models constantly breaking into pieces and Killian's paper-thin motives. -_-

I can appreciate The Mandarin for being so well kept, but not the muddled execution of arriving to it. So many plot points that led us from point A to point B felt misplaced.
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RetrospectRealm  +   996d ago
I loved the choice. I thought it was hilarious.
Defectiv3_Detectiv3  +   996d ago
I'm glad they went the route they did. The mandarin is just a ridiculous character - he summons a huge cybernetic dragon (fing fang foom) after he collects 10 rings. There was just no way he was going to work in this universe without major revisions.
TwistedMetal  +   995d ago
it could have worked like how captain america worked with the hydra searching for the tesseract tech.

the mandarin doing terrorist stuff in order to find the rings and finally have the ability to defeat the USA.

mandarin collects the 10 rings of alien technology which forms a mind of its own and starts taking scrap metal and computer/ tank/ jet/ etc parts and such from the surrounding battlfied carnage. and forms a sentient type of robotic mechanical beast.

the beast goes crazy and starts attacking the mandarin and iron man and such. mandarin gets beat down by it and realizes he cant control it and must team up with iron man to stop it somehow.

iron man uses his suites in a combined effort to take it down. hulk buster armor takes the huge mechanical beasts powerful blows. other armors distract it with its speed.

somehow iron man luckily beats the thing before its to late and the thing completes itself causing for an avenger like team to stop it. end credits shows shield saying you were very lucky to stop that thing iron man because we would have had to call in the hulk and the avegers, shows bruce banner talking to tony stark.


this crap is simple to do and i dont even get paid millions or have any training in writing and such.

could of left everything else almost the same and killian could of still been in the background as the helper.
Baka-akaB  +   995d ago
Your version simply doesnt work . While not dark like the Nolan batman movies , Iron Man was from the very first movie grounded in to a "realistic" setting and could at best allude to events of Avengers . Not to mention acknowledging that within the "iron-verse" the mere existence of the chitauri invasion was enough to make Tony and other people freak out or sweat .

Your way is basically dropping some xfile into say a serie like CSI . it doesnt work imo , even if Shane black's way was trollish and nt the smoothest one available for comics fans .
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WhyWai88  +   995d ago
How is the Extremist gives instant limbs regeneration and basically transform people into hot magma "realistic" anyway...
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movieshateyoutoo  +   996d ago
I thought the 'rick roll' was great. Still laughing about weeks later.
Clarence  +   995d ago
Movie was garbage. Leave to Hollywood to make a Asian character blue eyes and blond hair. It was as bad as the last avatar movie by m knight.

Ken Watanabe would have made a perfect Mandarin.

I think people are going to see it because its iron man and have no idea about the comic book. It was as awful as the last 2 transformers movies.
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Why o why  +   995d ago
I kinda agree with having ken play Mandarin but there are other English speaking Asian actors out there.... I'm also pissed they couldn't get a real eastern European to play the tech guy in star trek...
Soldierone  +   995d ago
Characters in Comic books change all the time. Hell DC changed a few storylines with the 52 reboot that are doing great. Yet you will always have those certain fans that rather read the same exact story for 100 years than see a single thing evolve or change.

Am I a fan of Hollywood changing stories? No, but they made the Mandarin interesting. I keep seeing people say "well they made him stupid," how? The guy "advertised" as the Mandarin WASNT HIM.
GodsHand  +   995d ago
I remember the trailer, he said you'll never see me coming. Which was true, the mandarin never came. XD
Genki  +   995d ago
The twist didn't need defending, and that certainly isn't what Black is doing here. Say what you want about the film, but the twist was brilliantly executed, and Kingsley's performance, on both sides of the ruse was nothing short of masterful. If the various award ceremonies ever recognized smaller roles such as this, Kingsley's performance would be a shoe-in for nominations across the board, at the very least.

The movie lost quite a bit of traction after this and the AF1 rescue; it was far from perfect, but this aspect of it was easily one of the most well executed points in the entire MCU. Way too many people are looking at this with fanboy goggles on.
Clarence  +   995d ago
No it was bad say what u want. It was a joke they made a mockery out of the Mandarin villain.
Genki  +   995d ago

Ok you win, it was terrible. Don't know what I was thinking, but your succint, logical points really swayed me. Thanks for that.
WitWolfy  +   995d ago
I liked the Mandarin, sure he didnt have his rings that had awesome powers and all that other jazz, BUT it was still executed quite good. I really didnt expect the twist though.. A bit lame but I loved it... All and all The Mandarin reminded me of a drunk Austin Powers.
Clarence  +   995d ago
No problem. Glad I could help. Hollywood is notorious for fucking up movies. They did with dragonball. All Asian cast would have been nice to see. They're trying to do it with akira, they half way did with the last avatar. For prince zuko they wanted Jesse McCartney. Blond hair blue eye to sell the movie.
aDDicteD  +   994d ago
iron man 3 was entertaining indeed however given the chance i wished i did not watch it in the theater because i primarily watched it because i thought it will be an epic match between ironman and mandarin but instead there was a twist in the middle of the film and as soon as i saw it i felt robbed and after that i was starting to like it again in the final moments when starks iron man army brought awesomeness back and the sweet fight scene and to my surprise peeper potts was the one who killed the villain and i felt robbed again. i liked the concept of the twist but i hated wasting additional money on it in 3D.
StarWarsFan  +   986d ago
I don't think it was the greatest way to go about things, but it's not like they can do anything about it now.

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