8 Character Motion Posters for Now You See Me

Summit Entertainment has released eight character motion posters for Now You See Me. I’ve enjoyed the posters for the film since they’re employing trippy optical illusions that fit in well with the plot about four magicians who use their tricks to rob banks. This looks like a fun movie, and I hope it’s good because it would be a shame to waste a cast that includes Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Caine, Melanie Laurent, and Morgan Freeman.

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alycakes1837d ago

Very nice posters that they do these days but it's not like you can buy them like this.

Hergula1837d ago

Nice motion posters, I just hope that the movie will be as good as I´m hoping for.

aDDicteD1833d ago

very good motion posters indeed. it adds some hype to the project. the cast are perfect for their respective role especially jesse eisenberg, morgan freeman, melanie laurent and surprisingly dave franco.