First Look At James McAvoy's New Appearance As Charles Xavier In X-Men: Days of Future Past


Bryan Singer's latest tweet from the set of X-Men: Days Of Future Past gives us our first look at James McAvoy as a very different Charles Xavier, likely taking place in the "past" sequences.

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Hergula1898d ago

That pic looks so sadistic and dark in a way... Love it.

Crazay1898d ago

Seems to be in a dark place in his head working things out. Lamenting Mystique, all that went down with his best friend Magneto and the loss of his ability to walk...I'd say he earned it.

Hergula1898d ago

True that... true that.

hazelamy1897d ago

still not bald yet. ^_^

TheWolverine1897d ago

I think I have that shirt in my attic...

aDDicteD1897d ago

instead of losing hair he actually grew it more longer, i guess he looks depressed, i cant coplain about the hair issue because mcavoy played xavier well.

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