New TMNT Set Photos Reveal Will Arnett's Character

Production has been underway for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot for a few weeks and we finally have our first look at some set photos from the film. Shooting took place today at Gramercy Park in Manhattan where Megan Fox was spotted as April O'Neil filming a news segment for "Channel 6" that appears to be about an exercise routine involving trampolines...

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Sandmano1714d ago

Really hope this movie is good.

StarWarsFan1713d ago

I still remember watching the cartoon as a kid.

R3DRAIN891713d ago

the original tmnt will always be the best.

hazelamy1713d ago

i suppose that yellow jacket is as close as Fox will ever get to wearing that iconic yellow jumpsuit.

and it was Bay's idea to put her that trampoline wasn't it?

aDDicteD1713d ago

megan fox looks so hot in the picture. i hope she will be given the original costume april wears in the cartoons. i do not know what is the significance of the trampoline being there.

Hergula1713d ago

It looks like she won´t be getting it, that´s a bit sad, it would be awesome.

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