Star Trek: Into Darkness | Box Office Buz Review

Box Office Buz: Kirk returns as Captain of the Enterprise only to find his title and rank in jeopardy as Starfleet comes under attack by one of its own. As a crucial Starfleet building falls prey to a terrorist attack, Starfleet needs someone who isn't afraid of imminent danger, to take risks, to fight dirty; that man is Captain James T Kirk.

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Hergula1871d ago

Considering how good the first film was, I am hoping the same for this one.

coolbeans1871d ago

I must be one of those odd men out who thought it was an average film, but great fan fare.

Hergula1870d ago

I liked the 2009 Star Trek basically because I had only known about the it, but never actually watched anything Strak Trek prior. So for me, I went in completely new to the entire film, and I think that it´s because of that, that I liked it.

coolbeans1870d ago

I can respect that as a legitimate reason. I didn't see much ST prior to the film, but what I did like about original and Next Gen was they both created new character storylines. With this reboot's case, so much is spent regurgitating to the point of no risk feeling involved.

In fact the riskiest aspect I felt from the 2009 film was the wormhole tied in with the writer's "sci-fi'ing" the plot of Top Gun/Days of Thunder/etc.

Hergula1869d ago

Haha, U make a good point.