‘Iron Man 3′ Crosses $300 Million Overseas, Shatters Chinese Record

Disney and Marvel’s “Iron Man 3″ is officially on fire at the worldwide box office.

The 3D actioner, opening Friday in the U.S., earned a record-breaking $21.5 million in China on Wednesday, topping Marvel’s “The Avengers” ($18 million) as the highest opening day in the country’s box office history.

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Hergula1778d ago

It is a phenomenal film, but it just does not hold true to the comics...

nix1778d ago

yeah.. i was truly disappointed. probably because i expected so much out of the villains. /:

Hergula1777d ago

same here, yet the movie is still very well produced, directed and acted. And the fight scenes, action filled scenes are among the best ever to be created.

StarWarsFan1778d ago

Awesome success for this franchise.

Hergula1775d ago

Agreed, Deservingly so.