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How China's Version Of Iron Man 3 Differs From Everyone Else's


Thanks to the growing market for American films in China, it has suddenly become commonplace for Hollywood films to create a cut specifically for Chinese theaters. The most extreme example of this came earlier this year when we found out that the Asian nation was seeing a completely different version of the comedy 21 & Over. Shane Black's Iron Man 3 is the latest film to shoot extra material to help it sell in China, but now it's been revealed what that additional footage is... and it doesn't seem to add anything to the movie or change it in any significant way.

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ironfist921845d ago

Maybe they have an actual Chinese person to play The Mandarin?

Deku-Johnny1843d ago

The Mandarin would actually have to be in the film for that to work.

aDDicteD1835d ago

before when i learned about additional scenes for iron man 3 i was mad but after seeing the film and reading this article i can say i hoped those additional scenes will make the film overall since i was partially disappointed.