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Robert Downey Jr. 'Renegotiating' His 'Iron Man' Contract

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After Iron Man 3, would Robert Downey Jr. consider doing another film in the blockbuster Marvel franchise?

"I don't know," he said Tuesday in a guest appearance on The Daily Show, adding with a wink: "I had a long contract with them and now we're gonna renegotiate."

"You are Iron Man! You are!" responded Jon Stewart.

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alycakes1904d ago

I'm so happy if this happens.

DarthJay1903d ago

The look on Robert Downey Jr's face when Jon Stewart starts asking about Mandarin is priceless. He knows what Jon doesn't know and doesn't have the heart to tell him.

Hergula1903d ago

Haha, Well why not, I still hope though that if Iron Man 4 will be created, it won´t be until 2016, after The Avengers 2.

Crazay1903d ago

it's going to happen and we all know it.

aDDicteD1894d ago

after avengers 2 i think he might do one more, its very unlikely if he signs for another trilogy.