Carrie Fisher Talks About Star Wars: Episode VII

From SHH:

Carrie Fisher was again asked at the Calgary Comic Expo this weekend whether she will make an appearance in Star Wars: Episode VII as Princess Leia. Her response was an interesting one.

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darklordzor1909d ago

Well, there's no real way she can backtrack on these statements (as she did with the previous ones). Straight up saying they're sending her a trainer to get ready. Yeah, that's about as official as it can get. Hopefully, on Star Wars day they'll make a big news announcement.

DarkBlood1908d ago

didnt she have a physical appearence problem *face wise*? i wonder how that is going to be resolved.

but the trainer thing seems like a good idea assuming they are going to do heavy physical roles

aDDicteD1908d ago

both mark hamill and carrie fisher aged not so well and is far from their old appearance only harrison ford aged well but i think the technology now is good enough to at least decrease the shortcomings but they have to do their part, they have enough months of preparation.

aDDicteD1908d ago

im glad that at this point everything looks ironed out, we are just waiting for the official announcement and im looking forward seeing luke, leia and han back of course as supporting characters.

alycakes1907d ago

I think except for Hans they won't have big parts in the movie.