Michael Bay, 'Pain & Gain' Director, On 'Transformers 4' And The New 'Ninja Turtles' Movie

Moviefone: Typically, when Michael Bay steps behind the camera, you have some expectation for what that film is going to contain -- incredible amounts of action, massive explosions, gunfire, and car chases. However, “Pain & Gain” is a departure from the giant blockbusters that have been near synonymous with Bay’s name over the years.

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StarWarsFan1904d ago

I'm eager to see Ninja Turtles.

aDDicteD1904d ago

chances are both movies will be hotly received in the box office, i do hope ninja turtles can somehow be nearly as good as the first feature live action film, i know transformers might just be as well like before.

MilkMan1898d ago

I'm at odds with Bay. I loved his work until Transformers came along (well I had a bone to pick with him on Bad Boys 2, but I digress).
Talented? Absolutely.
But I worry sometimes about pairing him with Transformers.
Somehow, I feel more confident with Ninja Turtles. I think the fact that its more man-on-turtle action gives me the sense that this is familiar territory to him, although some of it will be digital.

I know T made buckets full of dough. But those movies where a real testament to my patients.