Johnny Depp To Reteam With Rob Marshall For Musical 'Into The Woods'

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While Johnny Depp has only worked with Rob Marshall once, it was solidified that the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" franchise still had plenty of legs. Together, they helped 'On Stranger Tides' earn more than one billion worldwide, and now they're hoping to work some magic again.

Depp is in talks to join Marshall's brewing adaptation of the smash Broadway musical "Into The Woods." The acclaimed, award-winning show will step right into Hollywood's fairy-tale trend obsession, telling the dark, complex story of The Baker and The Baker's Wife, who seek a way to lift a witch's curse that has left them unable to have children.

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alycakes1973d ago

This would be interesting. I know Depp can sing but he hasn't done a musical since he was very young. I would go see it though.

DarkBlood1973d ago

well there was that charles the chocolate factory with that weird voice he did there, might be safe to say he didnt lose it thats for sure

aDDicteD1970d ago

i like his acting in charlie and the chocolate factory it was different from pirates but the musical in that film, for me, is the weakest part of the movie, they should have at least limited the singing.

alycakes1972d ago

Oh yeah! forgot about that.

ironfist921972d ago

Sweeney Todd. Corpse Bride.

StarWarsFan1972d ago

Good stuff. Sounds like an interesting premise and different compared to most musicals on film.

neoragex1972d ago

Yes! Johhny Depp in any movie sounds interesting.

aDDicteD1971d ago

johnny depp is proven in musical themed movies, his best would be sweeney todd, i enjoyed that movie.