Turbo-Exp Review: Oblivion

Turbo-Exp says: "Waddup. So I'm due to see Oblivion tonight, as where I live it has been out for 9 days, so I'm itching to see the latest Tom Cruise extravaganza. I personally have been waiting for this for several months, and is probably one of my highly anticipated movies of 2013. But there's a problem. In the 9 day hiatus since Oblivion premiered in my country there has been some, negativity. My friends claim the plot makes no sense, and the Rotten Tomatoes rating currently stands at 59%. Oh dear. It's something of a disappointment. I'm quite a large Tom Cruise fan, and even though he may be insane, I don't base my views on an actor by his personal beliefs, he's a very good actor who still makes good movies, case closed."

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Sahil1878d ago

Every reviewer calls this movie derivative but I'd say it was very respectful to past sci-fi and extremely original in what it created. I had a few complaints about the end but overall I loved this movie.

neoragex1876d ago

Nice review, will definetly give this a look at the weekend.