The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Video: Jamie Foxx As Electro


Hit the jump to check out a video of Jamie Foxx, dressed as Electro, on the set of Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man. Watch as the Django Unchained star stumbles through a crowded street of pedestrians in the heart of New York's Times Square.

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aDDicteD1800d ago

I'm guessing that this hoody look of electro is just his primary costume in the film.

Hergula1800d ago

I mean, He will most likely lose the hoody, but thats it as he looks like this:

aDDicteD1799d ago

I guess you right. he'll just take it off when he fights spidey.

Hergula1799d ago

Im curious on how he will look without his clothes, Im sure that he wont be completely nude...

Knight_Crawler1799d ago

They could put a brief on him like Dr. Manhattan or cut off his manhood like Mystique.

calis1800d ago

Hoody is probably there because a blue guy with electricity would attract some attention.

ironfist921800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Now I'm starting to like this idea. Jami Foxx as a serious villain would be excellent to see

Although, still curious as to how...or even why Paul Giammatti is The Rhino.

Sahil1799d ago

This is how electro looked like in full power in the Ultimate Spiderman game. But he would also look similar with Dr. Manhattan in watchmen in the big screen, which is AWESOME.

aDDicteD1795d ago

I'm Interested on that as well, I cant picture out him with the rhino costume but judging on what they did on Foxx I guess it will be good and they have planned his looks as well.

ironfist921795d ago

Im not familiar with the comics, but is Rhino a suit like Iron Monger in Iron Man? Or is it a transformation akin to The Hulk?

aDDicteD1795d ago

as far as i know it is a suit and it has uses like resistance to damage, etc.

Root1799d ago

Looks terrible....what can you expect though the first film was average at best

Minute Man 7211799d ago

Why the thumbs down? Root is right, TASM was average at best

sikbeta1799d ago

WB gonna sue, what doctor manhattan is DC, no Marvel...

aDDicteD1799d ago

indeed he looks similar to dr. manhattan from watchmen though electro also has a version of that and shares the same color.

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