Couch Potato Club Review: Oz The Great and Powerful

We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz. Wait, wrong movie. We’re off to see the selfish philanderer/con artist Oscar Diggs (better known as Oz) as he discovers the Land of Oz. Get ready for an uninspired journey into a land which only bears a superficial resemblance to that of the Oz we once loved.

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Sahil1852d ago

Okay, so first I watched The Wiz (with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson), like a thousand times when I was a kid. Then came Wicked, an amazing musical. And FINALLY Disney decided to remake the film. I'm like come on! The Wizard of Oz is an amazing story to make a movie from it, but Disney does it only because Oz is populair these days!

aDDicteD1852d ago

i think the movie was good, its good visuals and is entertaining enough, it was a relevant thing to do because the original wizard of oz is a very strong classic and people still wondered about the origins of the characters that inhabited that world especially the wizard whose not really a wizard as shown in the original. franco's charm gave the character more depth which was not fully shown in the original because of the limited screen time and of course the story does not revolve around him. it is also a welcoming treat to see the witches who were played well and the flying monkey minions.