New Images Released For 'The Wolverine' Featuring Logan, Viper, And Yukio


'The Wolverine' will be in theatres July 26, 2013. To tide you over until opening day take a look at all of the new images that have been released for the film.

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aDDicteD1852d ago

in this coming wolverine sequel, the mutants included are not as popular as the ones in x men origins and i personally think that it would be more beneficial if they just concentrate on the film plot rather than forcing characters like blob, gambit, emma frost etc. in one movie. i hope the few selected mutants in this coming film like viper and yukio would be properly utilize to serve the overall plot not the other way around.

Sahil1852d ago

I want to see a poster of him fighting the SIlver Samuri not fodder ninjas there cool and all but the Silver Samurai is better