Fast 7 Release Date Announced

Vin Diesel reveals July 11, 2014 as the day to get fast and furious (again).

Earlier today at CinemaCon, Vin Diesel announced that Fast & Furious 7 will be hitting theaters on July 11, 2014.

IGN's own Jim Vejvoda was on the scene, reporting from Vegas. As of right now, no other film is scheduled for that day, although Fast 7 does open one week after Disney's Maleficent and the week before Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past.

James Wan is directing the seventh entry in the action series, with Diesel and Paul Walker set to star. But first up is Fast 6, which debuts stateside on May 24.

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alycakes1859d ago

This should be the last one...don't you think?

Magnagamer2221859d ago

I agree, but they'll keep making them if the money keeps coming in. Looking forward to seeing Gina Carano kick @$$ in Fast 6. Vince is starting to show his age in these movies.

alycakes1859d ago

They all show their age after a while...except for Tom Cruise...he still looks pretty good at 50 doing all those stunts.

aDDicteD1858d ago

it is unlikely that they will put this franchise to an end because fast five revived the party and took it to a new direction, the producers will likely take the advantage will it is hot.

Magnagamer2221859d ago

I wonder if his religion has anything to do with it? Maybe scientology has found the fountain of youth.

RonRico1858d ago

Man I think they show off too much of the story with this trailer.

Sahil1854d ago

it's the same with every trailer these days. *facepalm*

Sahil1854d ago

I swear if Jason cameos in this movie with a suit on, It will be a Fast and Furious/Transporter crossover.