Wreck-It Ralph Review by Hyper Focused Media

Hyper Focused Media's Triverse writes, "Animated movies usually fall into a couple of categories – kids, but adults can like it too (Cars, Toy Story, etc), kids only (Pokemon) or Anime that runs the gamut of various genres and age groups. Wreck-It Ralph falls directly in the category that the Toy Story series, Cars and Shrek all occupy. Animated in a similar style as those other movies mentioned, Wreck-It Ralph seems to be a gamers wet dream come true with tons of cameos in a few scenes interspersed throughout, while entertaining the kids. Somewhat."

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aDDicteD1866d ago

to me wreck it ralph is the best animated movie of 2012, it was a shame it lost to brave, it was slightly better but significantly obvious. it is one of my all time favorite animated movies just behind toy story, lion king and finding nemo.