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Prometheus 2: Sequel Release Date, Concept Art And Damon Lindelof's Letter To Slashfilm

iTech Post: What's going on with Prometheus 2? The sequel, confirmed to be titled Paradise by a savvy fan who discovered that Twentieth Century Fox had already registered the URL "," ; has been rumored to be undergoing script troubles lately.

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ajax171864d ago

I personally loved Prometheus. I was able to look past the minor flaws. I also thought the ending was satisfying because it was obviously intended to have sequels. I just can't understand why someone would hate Prometheus.

aDDicteD1860d ago

maybe because people tend to connect prometheus with alien in several aspects like if it is the same planet, the positioning of the engineer etc. but prometheus for me worked well on its own and it should be graded as a whole together with the second movie. the unresolved ending to me was ok.

ajax171860d ago

Yeah, I liked where they were going with the ending. They could expand on the ideas of creation and what happened to the Engineers moon military base. I can't wait to see the Engineer homeworld too.

Hergula1862d ago

I have not idea in what people see in Prometheus, altough I do agree that it is well made.

DeadManMcCarthy1862d ago

It had the potential to be something incredible but the story and characters just failed so badly. The writers were terrible but I do agree that it was a great looking film.

SnakeCQC1862d ago

promethus was awesome and i cannot wait for the sequel

monkeyfox1862d ago

Totally agree with Deadmanmccarthy.
The universe it brought to life was beautifully realised but it was let down by an awkwardly written script and poor acting in parts... Idris Elba should never of tried to do an American accent... Loved the film though and enjoyed it even more on my second viewing once i had lowered my expectations and accepted its flaws.

Speed-Racer1862d ago

Honestly, the first movie was excellent assuming there was a sequel in the works. As a follower of the Agnostic belief, it also meshes in well with the idea because of the fact that what or whoever created us could have been like that in Prometheus, not just some guy asking us to worship him. Anyway, lemme not get too much into that.

ajax171862d ago

Yeah, no need to open that can of worms on Filmwatch, lol.

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