Elysium's Neill Blomkamp Would Still Love to Make a Halo Movie

IGN: ''It's one of the most infamous video game movie adaptations that never happened, but the filmmaker who almost brought it to the big screen would still love to take a crack at it -- if he could make it on his terms.

The film is Halo and the director is Neill Blomkamp, who, along with producer Peter Jackson, tried in vain to get the project off the ground several years ago until its massive budget and studio concerns caused it to fall apart. After Halo imploded, Blomkamp and Jackson went on to make the sci-fi hit District 9, which earned an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.''

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aDDicteD1860d ago

not a bad idea, he is good in sci fi movies, maybe after getting a critically good reception in elysium he might be a very well considered director for this kind of video game movie which is by far very tricky to do on film but definitely should happen.