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[Spoiler] The Evil Dead Explained

Best Horror Movies says "Evil Dead" finally released theatrically on April 5, 2013 – none too soon for horror fans itching to see what a remake of the classic Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell film would look like with those two involved in the production. This film is yet another example of how much intel can be gained by checking out the pre-release and critic screening schedules; those films that the filmmakers know is a pile of crap will severely limit the pre-release showings and even refuse to do critic screenings, while those that are really great are showing all over the place."

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aDDicteD1835d ago

indeed it was, one of the greatest remaked movies ive seen that was loyal with the concept of the original. maintained the good stuff and cutted some cheesiness.

RetrospectRealm1838d ago

Don't see why an explanation is needed, but good article.

FamilyGuy1837d ago

Worse than that, this guy claims the demon didn't raise at the end. It rained blood and some burning hot person came from the ground. -_-

How can you explain a movie when you don't even comprehend it yourself?

Goriest movie I've ever seen btw

RetrospectRealm1837d ago

Lmao I know right! Pointless post.

aDDicteD1835d ago

yes i agree that the resurrected demon was not just an "ordinary demon" but the one in the prophecy. even the possessed eric demon in the end hinted he is coming before david died.

hollabox1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I like this move but it was no direct remake of the original. The character that survived was different, cutting off the hand with one of the characters was different, no hand chase scene, the demon making an appearance in the beginning and end was different as well. Evil 2 was more of an remake of Evil Dead than the new Evil Dead.

This money wasn't scary, had a ton of gore but only one scene made me jump. If I was to rate this movie I would give 6.5 out 10. If I didn't know this movie was based on an remake or remakes since Evil Dead 1&2 are basically the same movie made several years apart I would have given it a 7.

aDDicteD1835d ago

****SPOILER****my take on this is that at the end the resurrected demon rose because at one point everyone died including mia who was just resuscitated because she died buried alive and when david died the demon already got 5 souls. the girl who died in the beginning did not count because the demon was stopped and sealed, the countdown started when eric read the passages of the book of the dead.

Sahil1831d ago

What explanantion? it was pretty straight-forward.