New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Photo Reveals Some Electro Destruction


With Electro as its central villain, Amazing Spider-Man 2 is likely going to be chock full of electricity blasts, explosions and fires, and today director Marc Webb gave us a sneak peek at the action with his latest set photo of the day posted to Twitter, as seen above (which came with the message "Day 45. This is what happens when you try to give Electro a ticket."

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Crazay1870d ago

I need to see the costume and I'm still far from sold on Jamie Foxx. Who knows, maybe Marc Webb can sway me but I have trouble thinking it would ever happen.

ThichQuangDuck1870d ago

If you already have a ELECTRO CANT BE BLACK WHITE DEFINES HIS CHARACTER bias then nothing Marc Webb does will convince you. Wait for a trailer

Hergula1870d ago

Honestly, the skin colour hardly defines a character. Jamie Foxx is a high calibre actor, he will do a fine job acting... trust me.

ThichQuangDuck1870d ago

@Hergula that is what I agree with. I have discussed the absurdness of Crazay's argument before. I trust that Jamie Foxx will deliver something unique to Electro that many will never expect. I hope they only show the smallest possible amount to hook people in the trailers

Crazay1870d ago

Let us not forget Paul Giamatti's casting. Yet another piece of the pie that I'm unsure of.

Lord_Sloth1870d ago

Personally I just don't like Jamie Fox. Never have really. I'll withhold final judgement until I see the film but this is really making me nervous and race has nothing to do with it. Nick Fury changed skin tone in the comics and the world was fine with that.

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Silly gameAr1870d ago

I'm more curious to see Paul Giamatti as the Rhino. I mean wtf?

ThichQuangDuck1870d ago

Ha going to be perfect. I want a King Pin appearance in the movie to show the grand scheme. Giamatti as Rhino or a slightly more complex Rhino that often shown int he cannon will be good

RetrospectRealm1870d ago

Fire = ELECTRO destruction.

StarWarsFan1870d ago

It'll be nice to see a fresh character. And Lizard wasn't too exciting in the first movie. He didn't even look amazing.

Hergula1870d ago

I have to disagree, The Lizard looked phenomenal, the visuals were on point.

But I get what your saying, The Lizard didnt look as great as Rhino and ELectro will most likely look.

Crazay1870d ago

I would much rather see them go with Carnage or ..if they really wanted to stick to original bad guys, then do a full on trilogy with the Sinister Six. Mysterio deserves some love.

aDDicteD1869d ago

I do have a hunch that this will lead to a sinister six arc. A build up on this sequel then full sinister six on the third movie. it's just a wild guess.

Lord_Sloth1870d ago

I just want to see Mysterio...

ironfist921870d ago

Jamie FOxx as Electro?

Paul Giamatti as The Rhino?

WTH is this director smoking?

Sahil1869d ago

lets wait, who knows.

aDDicteD1868d ago

haha..My thoughts exactly too at first. but still I'm hoping that the actors will sold us with their character. I'm hoping for it cause I want this spiderman sequel to be good and far better than the first amazing spiderman.

MontyQ1870d ago

Jamie foxx cant act his way outta a paper bag

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