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'Pain & Gain' Exclusive Clip

Would you want Rebel Wilson giving you medical advice?

Well, that's Anthony Mackie's reality in this exclusive "Pain & Gain" clip. Wilson plays a nurse helping Mackie solve a little problem after one-too-many steroid injections, and manages to make an already uncomfortable situation even more awkward -- but, that's all part of her charm.

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alycakes1896d ago

This is going to be good to watch just to get a good laugh.

Hergula1894d ago

THis will be an awesome film, Mark has been on his A game these past few years and THe Rock is simply electrifying.

Sahil1888d ago

This looks really good. I know it's based on a real brutal gang who decapitated a family to get their wealth but still... This looks pretty freaking great.

aDDicteD1885d ago

they could have provided a better clip from the film.