Luke Evans To Star In Universal's 'Dracula' Reboot

THR Heat Vision:
Luke Evans has played a couple of Greek gods and even a musketeer, but now he is about to play the most god-like of literary characters.

In his first starring role for a studio, Evans has signed to topline in Dracula Year Zero, Universal’s dramatic horror movie telling an origin story of the most famous of vampires. (UPDATE: A Universal rep says the film will now be called simply Dracula.)

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Hergula1896d ago

Wow, Cant wait to see Dracula again, Luke Evans seems like a perfect fit.

Crazay1895d ago

I'm pretty sure that Coppolla's Dracula is the seminal film about this figure. Don't think they need to get to a reboot.

aDDicteD1892d ago

a dracula origin movie is something people wont get tired to watch.