First Images and Plot Details for 300 Sequel

New photos and details have emerged for the 300 Sequel, '300: Rise Of An Empire'. See the photos and read the new information here!

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Hergula1869d ago

Well, I personally found 300 to be mediocre at best, yet Im willing to give it another shot now and prepare myself for the sequel.

ajax171869d ago

I'm not sure about this livig up to the first. Noam Murro's only other film was Smart People... Yeeeah...

Bimkoblerutso1868d ago

Making a sequel kind of...destroys the point of the first film, doesn't it?

Lord_Sloth1868d ago

The 1st films point was macho men kicking ass. A sequel with macho men kicking ass does nothing to damage macho men kicking ass.

Crazay1868d ago

Loved 300. Really looking forward to the sequel but I suspect it's not going to have the same visual and artistic flair as Zack Snyder's movie had. I'll totally watch this at least once though

Sahil1866d ago

If you watch the ending of 300 closely, he gets arrows shot in both of his nipples and one right below his penis, most likely hitting his ball sack, I doubt that Lionidus will be able to come back alive after that, unless they name the movie "300 ZOMBIES to FInish PerSIA"!

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