House in the Alley Trailer

Best Horror Movies says: "Le-Van Kiet’s new Vietnamese genre piece, House in the Alley has been stirring up chatter for some time, and while we’ve been treated to the international trailer in the recent past, we’ve been waiting on an official English rendition to crawl toward the light for weeks. Apparently, we weren’t paying enough attention: An English language version of the trailer snuck into the interwebs a few weeks ago!"

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RetrospectRealm1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

I find it hard to understand how these stupid horror movie trailers keep getting so high temperature, even before being approved. Something's not right...

Hergula1895d ago

I get what your saying, yet I believe that people just love Horror movies, always have and always will.

spicelicka1895d ago

people loving horror movies doesn't mean they love shitty horror movies. These crappy movies end up getting watched simply because good horror movies barely exist.

You can usually tell by the name how bad the movie is gonna be. "House in the Alley", like really? couldn't come up something more generic (although that's not the original name but still).

KingPin1895d ago

im soo tired of the japanese girl with long hair.
its done so many times now its boring.
ringu had it <which scared the shit out of me>, then came the ring <which is a remake so i was like ok, give it a watch> then was the grudge. ring 2, grudge 2. etc

now its not scary anymore.

go back to clowns. they much more scary.

Hergula1895d ago

As for the trailer, it looks trash, boring and outright too simple to be enjoyable.

FaSCoRP1895d ago

The letters are kind of funny

Crazay1895d ago

This just does not inspire me in any way shape or form. Pass

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