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Trey Smith for GUFUyourself writes - "When it was announced that there would be a remake of Sam Raimi’s “The Evil Dead” I was understandably skeptical. The original is a movie that I hold near and dear to my heart, hell, it’s the movie that awakened the cinephile buried deep within my soul. However, when I learned that Raimi, star Bruce Campbell, and producer Rob Tapert were all involved, I allowed myself a glimmer of hope. Unfortunately, my faith has gone unrewarded. The best thing you can say about Fede Alvarez’s “Evil Dead” is that it is a different film than the original, but also aspires to maintain the ferocious, grueling spirit it is remembered for. The result is sort of a mixed bag. It’s loaded with brutal, no holds barred horror, but it never really manages to be effective, so much carnage should have me digging my nails into my arm rest, not stifling yawn after yawn."

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