'Veronica Mars' Movie Update: Rob Thomas Has First Draft

EW Inside Movies:
Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas has sent the film’s Kickstarter backers a lengthy status update. Top news: He has just finished a first draft of the movie. “There’s a lot of work left to do, but it’s a movie I can’t wait to make. I think it’s also the movie you’ve been waiting to see,” he writes.

With one week left in the Kickstarter campaign that has raised more than $4.5 million, Thomas took the opportunity to encourage more fans to donate: The only Kickstarter record the project hasn’t yet broken is the total number of backers (Veronica Mars was approaching 70,000 as we typed this; Double Fine Adventure had 87,142).

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alycakes1903d ago

Sounds promising...I'm so glad that's it's going to happen.

Hergula1902d ago

I still dont understand who is actually going to see this? It did poorly in ratings and was mediocre at best, I dont know who is crazy enough to throw money down the toilet making this film... oh well...