The Place Beyond The Pines Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Joseph at Skewed and Reviewed has posted his review for the new film "The Place Beyond the Pines"> Joseph admitted he had low interest in the film going in, but ended up loving what he saw. He praised the cast and the deep storyline as strengths of the film.

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Sahil1843d ago


I saw the movie in theaters last night, and I don't regret. It was comfortable to watch, interesting, exciting. But in the end of the movie, I felt a bit sad and depressed, because Ryan died and that bitch didn't leave the black dude. However, I felt very moved by the story and left it open for a sequel. Perhaps, the story was too close to real life.

aDDicteD1835d ago

cant help but see the spoiler because it really intrigues me, i really want to see this movie for some reason.

Sahil1835d ago

You shud give it a look, it will blow your mind ;D