'Justice League Dark': 5 Supernatural Heroes For Consideration

MTV: ''While nothing further has been revealed about the in-development "Justice League" film, Guillermo Del Toro's "Justice League Dark" adaptation is coming together more and more each day. Earlier this week, while promoting "Pacific Rim" at WonderCon, Del Toro had this to say on the project: "The route we’re going is Constantine is our lead. Constantine is the guy who leads us in and out of the plot. We have Swamp Thing, Etrigan, we have Zatanna, we have the Floronic Man. We have stuff that those who love the darker side of the DC Universe are going to appreciate, and we’re trying to be true to the origins of the characters."

So the confirmed lineup for "Justice League Dark" (or "Dark Universe") thus far is Constantine, Deadman, Swamp Thing, the Spectre, Etrigan, Zatana, and, apparently, the Floronic Man. However, as DC fans know, there are still plenty of untapped supernatural characters within the DC Universe for Del Toro to utilize. That being said, we've taken the liberty of compiling a list of five more supernatural superheroes that could potentially pop up in the film.''

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StarWarsFan2077d ago

I don't know if Warner Bros. can put it all together any time soon like Marvel has done in the past number of years, in the sense of tying together the individual movies towards The Avengers.

Sahil2076d ago

I honestly think Batgirl is just as well known, if not more so than Wonder Woman.

aDDicteD2071d ago

the concept looks fantastic but they should concentrate on making justice league work. marvel is already in a far lead compared to DC with several good superhero movies while DC has only man of steel and nolans batman concept realism will not be part. i hope this justice league dark will make it to the big screen some day.