Tom Cruise Video Interview at the Oblivion Premiere

Clickonline writes: "Click caught up with the legendary superstar ahead of the first local screening of the film to talk about what drew him to the project and quiz him on the most dangerous stunts he’s taken part in."

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Hergula2081d ago

Tom Cruise is a brilliant actor, yet he is always considered to be merely a decent A-List actor. People need to seriously watch "The Last Samurai" and "Born on the 4th of July", "Top Gun" goes without saying.

Sahil2080d ago

Tom Cruise + Morgan Freeman + Epic futuristic/post-apocalyptic story line = What I wanted for Christmas.

aDDicteD2076d ago

i like tom cruise a very versatile and competitive actor who already made a bunch of movies most of them were among my favorites like minority report, mission impossible 3 & 4 etc. i cant think of any action a lister star better than tom cruise especially when it comes to sci fi action. oblivion will definitely deliver.