First Trailer For Grown Ups 2

A group of frat boys run up against Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Chris Rock and Rob Schneider.

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BoxOfficeBuz1906d ago

Try again. Let me know if you still get an error. Might be an issue with our servers :(.

Sahil1906d ago

It's fine now.

I liked the part where the moose pissed on Adam Sandler. Not because it was funny, but because he deserves it for making this film.

Derekvinyard131905d ago

After seeing punch drunk love 2 days ago its really hard to watch sandler in any of his recent movies because of what type of actor he could be, really sad

KingPin1906d ago

this movie seems lame.

alycakes1905d ago

Adam Sandler movies have gone down in quality for quite some time now.

Sahil1905d ago

Exactly, not the same they were used to be.

aDDicteD1905d ago

The trailer shows nothing new, it feels exactly like the first film.

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