Bradley Cooper May Play The Flash In Justice League

We Got This Covered writes: Oh those pesky Justice League rumours, won’t they ever die down? Apparently not as today, we’re hearing more about the potential casting for Warner Bros.’ upcoming film. Sources close to the production have confirmed to us that Bradley Cooper is being eyed by the studio to take on the role of The Flash. Though this is far from official news, it does make sense and we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be true. Don’t believe us? Let’s look at the facts.

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alycakes1905d ago

He would do a good job but I don't know that he wants to take on a superhero role at this point of his career.

ironfist921905d ago

You know what. In my mind, Bradley Cooper wouldve made a better Green Lantern (the film wouldve sucked either way, but the character would fit imo), whereas Ryan Reynolds wouldve been a better Flash.

aDDicteD1902d ago

i think it really depends on the plot and the production team involved, bradley cooper's persona is somewhat similar to the flash based on the cartoons i have watched, so that itself does not impose any problems. if the production team gets a good director, great scriptwriters then the movie itself will be good. bradley cooper is a plus in the sense that he is an a list star, any project he gets involved with makes money. so bradley cooper as the flash is not a bad idea.