Quentin Tarantino’s 9 Greatest Films

Richard of writes "Out of all the directors in Hollywood right now, the one director who I can always count on to deliver a solid, well-made and entertaining feature is Quentin Tarantino. Since first learning about him from 1992’s Reservoir Dogs, I have been a huge fan (and unofficial student) of his style of filmmaking. I don’t think there is one film that he has directed (or in the case of Four Rooms and Death Proof, a segment) that I have not enjoyed. Something about the way that Tarantino directs his films and his immaculate attention to the story make his films among the best that have graced Hollywood and audiences over the past 21 years."

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Genki1851d ago

Hate to say it, but I don't really see the point of this list. Tarantino isn't a particularly prolific filmmaker; this list may as well have been called "Tarantino's Major Releases".

One of my favorite filmmakers to be sure, but this wasn't very enlightening.

Arcee1851d ago

It originally was, but the site editor didn't like it and renamed it. I didn't agree with the name change either. Initially, this was to be published on his 50th birthday, which just passed this week, but it was delayed by two days.