Quick Hitter Review: Side Effects

CineKatz Writes: Emily Taylor(Rooney Mara) has been suffering from depression ever since her husband Martin(Channing Tatum) was put in prison for insider trading. Upon him being released from prison, Emily becomes even more depressed; so much, to the point that she slams her car into a brick wall. At this point, after awakening in the hospital Dr. Jonathan Banks(Jude Law), who is overseeing the case, decides to prescribe a new anti-depression pill. Returning home after a week of taking the new medication Emily is feeling great, like a whole new person, has a lot of energy, and is finally able to be intimate with her husband once again. Ironically, there are a few side-effects of the drug and that is where I stop talking about this movie and it’s plot. Seriously people. I don’t care what you think you know about the film, there is plenty to keep you guessing. I’m not going to give away any spoilers. I’ll just say that you won’t be bored when you watch this.

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