New Character Posters For Pacific Rim Jaegers Have Arrived

Movie Viral writes: One of the more hotly anticipated films being released this summer is director Guillermo Del Toro’s big robots versus big monsters sci-fi epic, Pacific Rim. With the release date growing ever closer we are starting to see the marketing machine kick into gear. First, we had photos of the Kaiju aftermath, and now we have the release of a series of really cool looking character posters for the film’s giant robots (called Jaegers). Have a peak at the new posters for our world’s saviors after the break.

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ironfist921878d ago

Nice. Where's the American jaeger Poster?

Sahil1876d ago

I thought the Japanese would use Ultraman :P

aDDicteD1876d ago

Very nice posters. Between those three I'd say the Coyote Tango poster is the best.