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The Klash Round 3: Ryan Gosling vs. Joseph Goron-Levitt

CineKatz Writes: Welcome to The Klash, where Hollywood legends go head to head. Each week, one of our writers at The Cinematic Katzenjammer will go up against another writer and present his or her case as to why so-and-so is an excellent addition to the World of Film. The writers will be “blind” in the sense that they will not know who the other writer is, or who the other author is representing. All they will know is the name of the person they have been assigned, and then their work begins. Their responsibility will be to arm and armor their actor, actress, or director with what they consider to be their best work, as well as to write a brief defense as to why their persona is the best at what they do. They may only pick three films.

The rest is up to you.

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aDDicteD1908d ago

equally matched, but i think ryan gosling might win a golden globe or oscar first because he takes more serious roles like drive, the notebook, blue valentine etc. and is more inclined in drama while JGL might be the more famous one with a lot of blockbuster films and more will come to him in the future. i think its to early to decide who is better because both are still in their prime but whoever gets more acting awards and memorable roles that might be the difference.