The Wolverine - New Posters, Screens And Set Pics

Hugh Jackman gets all screamy up in these new posters for The Wolverine.

Two brand new posters have been unveiled for James Mangold's upcoming comic book movie The Wolverine, which will hopefully be at least 200% better than the abomination that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Here's a plethora of brand new posters, set pics and screens from the upcoming film, which we approach with cautious optimism. Warning: one of these new posters is a god-awful Photoshop job, and apparently it's official. And yes, they copy-pasted the same Hugh Jackman screamy head on each one. I like to think he's screaming at the terrible shop job.

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Sahil1881d ago

I'm dying for this!!!

StarWarsFan1880d ago

The setting is definitely going to be different compared to most movies and this sequel needed something to really stand apart from everything, including the first Wolverine film. Exciting.

aDDicteD1878d ago

Poster looks great! though a bit of it reminds me of The dark knight rises poster because of the dark-toned-raining background.

Sahil1876d ago

Hugh Jackman has to be the best Wolverine of all time.