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Nicholas of Movies Hate You Too writes:

Ten years ago barely anyone knew who Tina Fey was. If they did they probably didn’t think that she was going to go on to be the star of a successful sitcom or become one of the most powerful women in Saturday Night Live history. Now, almost a decade removed from her breakout gig as the screenwriter and co-star of Mean Girls, Tina Fey is moving into the dangerous territory that has claimed the careers of many talented women before her… the rom-com.

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Sahil1913d ago

I was looking forward to this movie, 2/5 makes me wanna forget about it. I think I'll watch it for Paul Rudd :)

movieshateyoutoo1912d ago

It's not not terrible by any means. It just has some issues that keep me from being able to recommend it. The cast is one of its best attributes.

Sahil1906d ago

Yup, the cast is what makes it a must watch for me :D