Ten Feisty Horror Femmes

Girls are coming out on top; no longer are they the screaming victim, they are the ones kicking butt. HorrorTalk presents ten of horror's most badass female characters.

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Hergula1886d ago

Ellen Ripley is an Amazon among men, I absoloutly love her due to her acting in Alien.

Milla Jovovich is tough, yet the films (Resident Evil) that she acts in are total BS...

The Woman from "The Woman" is pretty epic, the movie is actually really good too.

bytefeast1886d ago

Ellen Ripley is amazing, Alien one of the best trilogies ever.

Sahil1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Gotta love Milla Jovovich, without her in the RE franchise, the films would be no where near as enjoyable without her.

aDDicteD1879d ago

Nice list. Sigourney Weaver always will be mentioned on top ten's such as this. I have a mix reaction on Milla Jovovich and yes it is because i didn't like resident evil 2-5 movies.