Top 5 Most Anticipated Action Movies of 2013

Clickonline writes "God how I miss proper action movies... Far too often we’re plated up B-grade thrillers with a solitary chase and choppy fight. Ever since Jason Sodding Bourne, studios have attempted to pass these off as action vehicles!"

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Hergula1889d ago

I very rarely come across articles this poor. While the text might be alright, it is filled with flaws all over the place.

The writer misspelled Jim Carrey, calling him Jim Carey and Jeff Wadlow, the director of Kick-Ass 2, for Jeff Waldow.

Not only that but "Selling Point", the writer refers to The Rock, as Rock, like who is that? a simple rock from the ground is going to be fighting ninjas? He is THE Rock.

AND to top it all off "Anticipation Rating: 37/10" - If you ever create a Random-number/10, stick to that, going over is so immature and ridiculous.

Please oh please, how can I be the only one noticing this, these spelling errors need to be fixed, we are not talking grammar, we are talking about names...

Sahil1887d ago

that's some great list, me excited.

aDDicteD1880d ago

nice list. Kick ass 2 should be on the top list.