The LRA Show Ep. 92 - Oz The Great And Powerful

LRA writes: This week's episode is a quick and lean one but somehow we still find time to have diverse and completely off topic discussions about Hulk Hogan's filmography, whether or not the new zombie flick coming out this summer "World War Z" will feature zebras and how apparently Disney now relies on the legendary Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli for their current and future 2D animation plans. We of course conclude with a discussion on the new film "Oz The Great And Powerful" where once again I apparently have no soul because I didn't like the movie as much as those other two guys. Finally though we end with a rather long and tiresome rant about how studios want to ruin their films for us with an endless onslaught of ad campaigns. Featured music this week is from the music group "The Divine Madness".

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