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Oz the Great and Powerful Review | Geekenstein

"The Wizard of Oz will always be a classic in American cinema and even though it’s a musical, you don’t have to be a “friend of Dorothy” to appreciate all that the movie accomplished in both acting and technological achievements. The movie is so loved and revered it was the basis of over 125 films including Michael Jackson easing on down the road in The Wiz and Kermit and the Muppets having an adventure in the merry land of Oz themselves. There have been books, festivals and a Broadway musical all set within the mythical setting of Oz because there has always been a demand. So for Hollywood, it was inevitable that a film like Oz the Great and Powerful would be made. Many studios contemplated remaking the 1939 classic, but instead it took Disney to make a prequel and tell the story of exactly how a side show magician became the wonderful wiz he is." - Craig Kandiko of

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