The Hobbit Sequel Delayed

Clickonline writes: "Warner Bros'initial strategy was clear – carrying their massive audience through two holiday releases before positioning There and Back Again as a tentpole summer event. But with competition for those summer slots (in this case X-Men: Days of Future Past) the new release date makes much more sense"

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MilkMan1877d ago

Has anyone read the article?
This thing clocked 980 million, that's not even counting the Bluray/DVD sales.
Since when is 980 million middling?

perdie1877d ago

when they said middling they weren't relating that to the financial aspect of it. They were saying it was an ok movie.

MilkMan1875d ago

Ah, I hadn't considered that interpretation of it. For some reason I kept thinking about Bryan Singer when he made that statement "WTF is considered a hit? Superman made $400 million and it was considered a flop?!"

This was him confused about Warner Bro. saying that Superman Returns was a flop for them.

I thought this was more of the same.

alycakes1876d ago

I haven't seen it yet and I'm sure it's good but I don't expect it to be at the level of Lord of the Rings trilogy.

sjaakiejj1874d ago

It's a weak comparison.. They share characters and the world, but it's a completely different type of story. People weren't expecting that, hence why some left the theater disappointed.

alycakes1873d ago

I kinda expected that just from the trailers...thanks.