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Is Lucasfilm Developing a Knights of the Old Republic Project?


Hey folks, Harry here... Consider this a rumor at this stage.

Before I get directly into the rumor, which showed up in a rather elaborate email today, let me talk a bit about what is going on at LUCASFILM right now. When AICN ran this rumor by some trusted sources, the only thing we got was a statement that there is literally a ton of activity going on regarding a whole bunch of ideas for Lucasfilm. Essentially, we are living in a time - where there are multiple generations of filmmakers, screenwriters and artists at all levels of film and media production - that have a very real opportunity to try out their ideas. So yes, there's all manners of fantasy dream projects regarding a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. But the only project that has hardcore active development is EPISODE VII - it is the only STAR WARS project that is beyond the treatment stage. SO - even if this is true, there is zero guarantee that any of the projects that we're hearing about...

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TheDailySuperHero1919d ago

Despite this being an AICN rumor post, this could make a great standalone Star Wars movie!

Crazay1919d ago

I couldn't agree with you more. The Knights games were incredible additions to the Star Wars lore. I think Malak or Revan would translate very nicely to the big screen as a series big bad.

calis1919d ago

They would be good but not if it is one movie.

Crazay1919d ago

That would have to be a whole new trilogy in my opinion

darklordzor1919d ago

Please be true, please be true!

pompombrum1919d ago

I'd rather see movies based on Darth Bane than Revan. It's probably way too dark for Disney but the Darth Bane novels were amazing and would make fantastic movies.

DarthJay1919d ago

Revan is my favorite Star Wars character, but Bane is a close second. I would be STOKED either way.

pompombrum1919d ago

Yeah, either would be a huge treat to Star Wars fans to be fair.

coolbeans1919d ago

I simply don't see Drew Karpyshyn transitioning over to screenwriting. I thought he mentioned writing his own original fantasy series.

MaleManSam1919d ago

God. Imagine who could play Bastilla. *Drools*
I imagine if she were 10-15 years younger, Angelina Jolie would have been perfect.