Independent Cinema - Safe Haven Review

Independent Cinema writes: If Nicholas Sparks is best known for anything, it’s consistently churning out below-average romantic dramas that will get all the women to swoon over their attractive star, and sob over every piece of contrived sadness. Never does Sparks go out of his comfort zone, dealing almost exclusively with issues of memory loss, cancer, or both. But Safe Haven is ironically enough, the first film that feels genuinely edgy, though it’s that same kind of contrived edginess intended to show that he has some other side to him. This side shares some elements of his previous films, such as the incorporation of cancer, but also delves into a severe case of alcoholism and abuses of power. With some good casting, besides the horrendous Julianne Hough, Lasse Hallström has crafted his second, and most promising, adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel yet.

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