Independent Cinema - Bullet to the Head Review

Independent Cinema writes: Not to be outdone by Schwarzenegger and the recent theatrical release of The Last Stand, Sylvester Stallone has brought out his own action vehicle to try and compete with the testosterone-fueled film. Not only that, but he brought Walter Hill out of retirement to direct Bullet to the Head, his first film in 10 years. Sounds like a great combination on paper, right? Turn this into a film hellbent on delivering the best action and an undercurrent of grit, and you have a really great B-movie here. Put comedic undertones to confuse those dark, noir currents and you can understand why this movie never lives up to the potential it had. Based on the graphic novel Du Plomb dans la Tête, the movie handles action very well, but as little as possible, and tries to work in a depth to its crime story which feels jarring once both elements have been presented together. Needless to say, Bullet to the Head feels more confused than anything, but has its moments where it shows massive potential to be a crime drama of merit as opposed to the mediocre film it is.

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