Man Of Steel: General Zod's Chest Emblem Revealed

Comic Book Movies: ''We've already seen a smaller version of this on some of the merchandise from the movie, but now you can get a nice close-up look at what is apparently the updated chest logo design for General Zod (Michael Shannon).''

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arukas1956d ago

So much alike to the one we saw on Smallville... hope we can have a glimpse of the others characters... (where is Maloni??)

OSIRUSSS1956d ago

He needs a T-shirt that reads "KNEEL!!!!!"

KingPin1956d ago

please stop posting things like this.

if you going to post a pic, hide it from the title for those of us who want to know nothing about this movie until it releases.

DeadManMcCarthy1956d ago

That is not the actual picture in the title. You have to click the link to see the real one.

KingPin1956d ago

well thank god for that. lol

i want this movie to be a surprise. sometimes its better not knowing what everything is going to look like beforehand.

krazykombatant1955d ago

I'm soo pumped for this movie, should blow Iron Man 3 out of the water.

ThatArtGuy1955d ago

I am also looking forward to it greatly. However, I'm thinking that Iron Man 3 will be good as well.

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