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David Weaver from Examiner writes: Taking popular horror genres and turning them into teen romance flicks is something of a sore spot for horror fans. Started by the ludicrously popular "Twilight" films where vampires and werewolves were ostensibly deprived of what makes them what they are in favor of making them these hot,cute and lovesick studs, horror fans the world over have sworn off these atrocities in hopes that the fad would someday go away. While it has sadly remained fairly viable, it's nice when someone gets it right once in a very great while even when it isn't perfect. With director Jonathon Levine's new zom/rom/com film "Warm Bodies", he has created a teen romance film that has been integrated into that oh so tantalizing horror framework with limited success and questionable sacrifices. While it gets the romance bits right, it unfortunately comes at the price that may be too high to pay for most horror/zombie fans out there.

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