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Tom Hardy to Star in Thriller Titled Locke

The Dark Knight Rises' Tom Hardy adds another upcoming project to his already quite full plate -- which includes Splinter Cell, Animal Rescue and Child 44 -- but this one is poised to shoot before the rest of them.

IM Global's Anthem division announced today that Hardy will star in the thriller Locke, which is set to begin shooting later this month in London. Steven Knight wrote the script and is directing for production company Shoebox Films.

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alycakes1899d ago

Sounds great...I really like what he's been doing. All his movies so far have been outstanding.

arukas1898d ago

Hardy is just moving forward bit by bit in such a special way... cant wait for this

RetrospectRealm1897d ago

Ever since Inception I've always loved Hardy.

alycakes1897d ago

Inception is where I first really noticed him too. He really caught my eye and since then I knew he was going to make it big.

RetrospectRealm1897d ago

Yeah. I hope he has some sort of role in Interstellar. Even if it is a small part.

Sleazypants1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

I don't know how he slipped under the radar for so long. Looking in IMDb at what he was in before Inception, there's LOADS! I have even watched quite a few things he was in and yet never noticed him.

alycakes1896d ago

I'm gonna have to look it up and see if I have any of the older stuff he's in so I can watch it.