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Top 10 Disappointing Movie Roles of 2012

The article includes characters from blockbuster films like The Bourne Legacy, high profile sequels, and even a documentary. The author expresses their general dislike (whether expected or not) for each performance and/or role. Ten characters from 7 movies.

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StarWarsFan1361d ago

I don't think Prometheus, Total Recall or Taken 2 were that bad suddenly.

wishingW3L1361d ago

from those 3 you mentioned Prometheus is the best one though.

aiBreeze1361d ago

Haven't seen Taken 2 yet but both Prometheus and Total Recall were both enjoyable. Prometheus was overhyped though however I went into Total Recall with very little expectations and came out pleasantly surprised.

GamerCheese1361d ago

I'm pretty sure the author was talking more about the roles in the movies than the actual movies. The article even says that they liked Prometheus.

jagstar441361d ago

Prometheus was probably the best sci-fi we've seen recently, yeah it had problems but it was still really good.